Después de haber logrado el éxito, un joven y su padre van a un café. Observaba con mucha curiosidad la interacción padre-hijo. Es tan extraño y tan genial tener frente tuyo a alguien a quien trajiste a la vida, imagino que las madres tendrán un sentimiento parecido. Ha sido algo impactante para mi, supongo que […]


Sweet mother of lord, haven’t posted for a while. This feels like CLI emailing and it’s terribly wrong. OK, there has been some rumor regarding the Peruvian Facebook. Apparently people innovates in your face and you don’t even notice. You know dear entrepreneur, been RTing lotta “we are there” tweets. Let me tell you, you […]

Search Stories: Lima is for Food

Technology needs to intersect with reality. While on vacations in Lima, my hometown city, I just enjoy what it does have to offer. Google have become the universal search engine. Is not an exception that one can use it to find traditional places in Lima to try the great food we do have. I’ve made […]


It’s a honor for me to present a personal project I’ve been working on the last months. It’s called and basically it’s an astonishing contradiction, just like me. It works this way: is what I call “my B-side act”. It was born as a vehicle to express my inner self in no verbal […]