Thank you

A very personal post.

Thanks to:

  • My philosophy teacher, Mr. Oliva, who brought reality and realism to actual meaning in my life.
  • To Mr. Ruben Yong, Dean of UPC’s Engineering EPE programs, who told me I am not for engineering, indeed, I am a .
  • To my UPC Math teacher, Elias Soto, who paved the way for me to re-engage with Math.
  • My lovely and wonderful friends who always support and encourage me. I, by no means, just act accordingly.
  • The customers who didn’t bought our products, so we didn’t lose focus on our goal.
  • To the people who grows anger and sadness inside themselves, they have taught me the value of mental health.
  • To my classmates that have taught me I shouldn’t take myself too serious!
  • To the people who trust on me with no hesitation. They are confident that I can achieve my goals. I just honor that.
  • To the people who I make hard for them to deal with me. I take it as a challenge for myself to improve.
  • To my current Math teachers who have proven I work great on abstract level. I’m tempted to explore more on that side. Still struggling with details.
  • To the wonderful HTU team, they are the best in town.
  • To my faculty teachers and people for his vision, advice and field expertise. I feel I belong here.
  • To my programming teacher, Alfredo Paz, who introduced me to Haskell and the emphasis on the joy and art of programming.
  • To the SoundTrends team for making Looptastic! Finally I can make some real noise!
  • To women, for living inspiration.
  • To Claudia, for everything.

Todo es azul.