It’s a honor for me to present a personal project I’ve been working on the last months. It’s called and basically it’s an astonishing contradiction, just like me.

It works this way: is what I call “my B-side act”. It was born as a vehicle to express my inner self in no verbal form.

The name is a funny contradiction that has it’s origin on the after job hours I turn off the computer and disconnect completely from world (read Internet) and do anything else but work. Ironnically, as the tools for producing this venture are the computers themselves and some other electronics I was, in fact, in a situation where I “reject” computers but have to use them for my expression act. It’s a funny contradiction as I happen to be myself: a walking contradiction.

At this stage it basically translates art to the web in a traditional fashion. Next releases should be able to let you interpret and experience the acts in a very personal way. I have pretty nice plans for this.

Even it has been live since apr 30, I did choose today for announcing it because it’s a great day and it’s also Pablo’s birthday! I hope you enjoy it, it has been done with plenty of love :)