Sweet mother of lord, haven’t posted for a while. This feels like CLI emailing and it’s terribly wrong.

OK, there has been some rumor regarding the Peruvian Facebook. Apparently people innovates in your face and you don’t even notice. You know dear entrepreneur, been RTing lotta “we are there” tweets. Let me tell you, you are not. Be ready to bite some equity before the VCs come with the cash. Not sure if the IPO will be larger than Duplicaton’s though. Let’s see.
I’m not sure if people reads blog these days. Have seen kids doing more cool things. Anyway, apparently I’m having time to write. I like it, so much.

Latest news are sad, universities (I mean, businesses) are acting so ridiculous. You know, measuring admissions/profit in order to get things done is just silly. But that’s law, they are actually allowed to act as a corporate drone. I’m glad now I’m in better hands.

Well, kids at ESAN say you cannot use anything but Windows. You know incompetence fosters bureaucracy and sadness. Have you heard of Mubarak?

The week before last one I had great time with professors who came for the INNS congress, great and inspiring people I met. The conference was one of the few CS academic conferences fully in English I’m aware of and the first of International-level held in Peru. Congrats to the orga team who have been working on it since 3 years ago. That’s the way!

I like to drive.

I like the sun, I like to pester the cloud, yes that cloud, silly.

I like Apples.

I’m looking for hackers.

Keep you posted.