How about a nice arm for self knowledge

An arm for going forward to your self-development is understanding yourself. Many approaches exists to get to that point. Psycologists are know for developing such techniques. Ned Herrmman is one of them. He developed the theory of brain dominance. Brain dominance theory is applied for teaching, learning and self-understanding. It’s pretty relevant for individual’s motivation, productivity and creativity. It also helps to discover thinking style and learning preferences. It’s purpose is identifying the percentage of domination of each of the four areas the brain has and figuring out which one dominates your behavior.

Julio Teruya, a coworker at HTU, has been working on a software project at UPC. His work consisted precisely in developing a software product for applying the Herrmman model in a series of tests. The results are based in series of questions. The product graphs the results and also produces a more detailed report. The outcome was a nice piece of software. At HTU we do believe technology needs to address real world problems. I did use it. Here are my results for the Learning Styles test and I hope you find it useful when interacting with me. Of course I encourage you to use it and test yourself. It’ll be free for limited time.