La importancia de la historia

Es el momento del día donde estoy en el humor de escribir. Ciertamente este post será un poco raro puesto que colocare básicamente lo que pienso, sin edición. Update: Editado y corregido. La idea de Internet como un medio para compartir información ha sido una de los mayores disrupciones respecto a la cantidad de información […]

svn changelist tutorial

It is not unusual that I’ve come upon the situation where I’m working over a local Subversion working copy and I wanted to commit bits of what I’ve already baked and ready to go. Odds are that there’s just one file not belonging to such changeset but usually it involves many files scattered around. This […]


Past Saturday April 28 I attended to the FLISOL 2012 Puno hosted at the “Casa de la Cultura” in downtown Puno. It was a great experience to deliver a talk after a while, the second speech since I enrolled into the UCSP’s Computer and Engineering Faculty to get my Computer Science BS degree. Puno is […]

Dirty hacks

I have a tale. There’s a software written in Visual Basic 6, happily using PostgreSQL. The staff has to wait at least 7 minutes, *seven minutes*, for a monthly report. Biz can deal with that, but not for long. Biz buys hardware. Like real enterprise hardware. Software has to deal with money, real money. Like […]

Compute clusters for Debian development and building – final report

Compute clusters for Debian development and building – final report Summary ——- The goal of this project was intended to have Eucalyptus cloud to support ARM images so it allows Debian developers and users to be able to use such facility for taks such package building, software development (ie. Android) under a Debian pre-set image, […]

Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Building – Report 4

Hello, this is the fourth report for the project. First, I’d like to apologize for being late, I took a short trip over the weekend and missed the deadline. This time I’ve good news for my project. As expected I’ve made the necesary changes to have Eucalyptus support ARM images. The approach was extending and […]

Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Testing – Report 3

Hello this is the third report regarding my project. As usual, quick summary first. From my last report I have progressed much little than I would like but, as stated previously also, I’m finishing semester and between exams and projects it takes almost all my time. However, I’m free of academic duties next week and […]