Computers were designed under the copy model. To work with data you need to copy from disk to main memory or the other way. Does this model still makes sense in the Internet and always-on world? I think the model should be upgraded.

What have we done?

Couple of weeks ago I was in the situation of having to setup up a new laptop. I decided to go with wheezy’s DVD installer. So far so good. I didn’t expect (somewhere in the lies-I-tell-myself dept.) to have GNOME as the default Debian desktop….

New GPG Key 65F80A4D

A bit late but I’ve created a new 4096 RSA GPG key. I’ve published a transition document as well. I hope I can meet fellow Debian developers soon to get my new key signed. So,  if you are in town (Arequipa, Peru) drop me an…