Is Debian listening to its users?

For some time ago I’ve been pondering about this question. As long as GSoC 2009 is about to start and people are looking for project ideas, I’m posting here a very preliminar draft of my findings and an idea for a posible software project. It’s pretty written on-the-fly while I’ve managed to have some minutes […]

software development practices for personal development

Often I happen to come with some pretty crazy ideas about anything in life. That’s me. Some of them may work, that’s why I adventure to share them with the world. Working with computers, software in particular, for almost 12 years have brought interesting views regarding life. For the past 3 years I’ve progressively improved […]

back with the crowd

Last night I’ve been recalling how many debconfs I’ve already missed and this got me thinking about how long I’ve been a bit off the records on my Debian involvement. Many things have happened in the last couple of years, many for the good. I’ve started a business and learned a lot about entrepreneurship, resumed […]

GNU no es Unix

Se aproximaba el final del año 1996 u 1997 cuando el encargado de coordinación me ofreció pasar a formar parte del grupo de operadores OpenVMS en la BVL/CAVALI. Mis compañeros en TdP me decian que no aceptara, que ahi estaba bien. De hecho, ya estaba más adaptado y la gente me apreciaba, intuyo que además […]

Not going to debconf – yet another year

Altough it was on my willingness to travel to Mar del Plata for this year’s Debconf, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to skip it this year, again. I happen to have final exams the very same week and the one which follows debconf and have to deliver a small software class project […]

debian – fostering innovation

Latest months have been of great improvement and empowerment on my life; say by my return to the academic life, more of the crazy corporate and business world and other changes on my own (read self hacks) have been keeping me busy and on constant training. Sadly, and not by intent, this have impacted on […]