Not going to debconf – yet another year

Altough it was on my willingness to travel to Mar del Plata for this year’s Debconf, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to skip it this year, again. I happen to have final exams the very same week and the one which follows debconf and have to deliver a small software class project next week.

This escenery renders almost imposible to have a decent timeframe for me to be able to stay for more than 24 hours at Argentina. This is bad since, besides willing to speak about my recent work and seeing old friends, I also did want to visit my father’s family on La Plata and have lot of fun at ‘La ciudad de la furia’ aka Buenos Aires, wich I happen to like a lot.

I still plan to find ways for me to be able to present my talk, since I noticed it’s been accepted!. Maybe I can run a non-RL debconf in Second Life ;)

Anyway, life isn’t this bad at all. I’m afraid I’ll be enyoing a wonderful vacation with such insuperable compannion soon. So, expect me to dissapear of the known world and to return from the sky. Looking forward to that moment! :)