Wunderkid – 4S

Welcome to this week’s Wunderkid release! I’ve got a mix of some old rock tunes, some electronics and a little tribute to Steve Jobs. Hope you enjoy!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC22E017D27F595C2

4S – Few words

My first Apple product was an iBook, that was around 2002. It was 2nd hand I bought from a guy who’s brother married a Miss Peru (fun fact). At the time it was quite complicated to get Apple products here in Peru. In the past I’ve heard about Apple’s history, Steve Jobs, Silicon Valley, Homebrew Computer Club et al. I got really amazed and interested on such culture since then.

When I got home I remember plugin my computer to the power outlet and pushing the power-on button. The first thing I experienced was the startup sound which was pretty awesome and is what APPL products mean for me. I’m since a happy customer and never turned back. By using APPL products I learned to understand Steve, the man and mind-state, a bit. The products are well known and pretty obvious but the man probably will remain sort of a mystery, wether we like it or not.

Later I learned that the Mac startup tune was a hack a sound engineer made by dropping a sound file on it! After that the tune was performed by a German group called Transformer Di Roboter as a cover for Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow” song. Both of them I put at the end of this week’s playlist.

Thank you Steve for pursuing your dream.