Wunderkid – You are not on the guest list

Here it is, the November 2k12 vol 2 set. Say no to Youtube spam and better watch the embed player. Featuring: Larse, Lana Del Rey, Moon Boots, Breakbot, The Supermen Lovers, Compuphonic, and much more tracks. Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJS6GGtunHCJZ9JzyvzytS-eG-J5CLDJL #nov2k12 vol.2.

Wunderkid – Haste querer

Hello, welcome to November and a new set of the Wunderkid series. I find funny some of the slang and sayings people do have. Few days ago I was walking at Arequipa’s main square then I heard a guy tell his friend “Tomame la foto así, haste querer” (meaning: take me a picture this way, […]

Wunderkid – Das Problem

It’s been a year since I started this VJ’ing project. I confess I didn’t notice about this anniversary. I’m pretty happy about how it progressed and how it’s evolving since it’s origins. Today, I’m taking this one step further so here are the news. Starting the next edition there will be one release every two […]

Wunderkid – Superwunderschön

Welcome to this week’s release! More dancing beats for the dancing souls. Enjoy. (Yeah I’m being brief, don’t complain). Featuring: Disclosure, Nils Hoffman, Aeroplane, Chromeo, Pachanga Boys aka Superpitcher, Solomun and more! Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJS6GGtunHCKqCnPqAMJi4_CIp3nDRMO-

Wunderkid – Voyager

So, Youtube induces me to use my G+ profile as a mean to trigger more action over there. Try harder. This week I’m featuring more música de la casa and beats for dancin’ bodies. Featuring: Sascha Braemer, Two Door Cinema Club, Recloose, Luciano, Disclosure, The Smiths, Village, Pional and more! By the way, I’ve made […]

Wunderkid – Thinking about you

I had this release already baked, doesn’t make sense to wait few days to release it. Rise and clap in the name of no more waiting. Featuring: Girls, Bloc Party, Marsheaux, Recloose, Phoenix, of course The Knocks, and even Maroon 5. Peace. Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJS6GGtunHCI1-0TDgY3TSwfxNgd-8TlY

Wunderkid – Opening

I always think that openings are a great idea. Particularly because you get free drinks, nice food and have fun with people. So, we hacked an app for Lima Hackaton 2012. 24hrs later we have such a nice app and are willing to improve and polish it more. Contribs are welcome. https://github.com/cibum/hackathon. This week release […]

Wunderkid – nicht im Netz

I read, run, workout and have fun. Why not? Featuring: Basement Jaxx, Cut Copy, Miguel Mateos, The Presets, Superpitcher, Flashtaro, Industry, Manicure, Human Tetris and more! 19 records. I buy you beer if you solve this on paper: for , of course. Link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEC7DF4C13CEE1B8B

Wunderkid – Track Attack

I’ve been thinkin’ about it for a while over this picture. Silly. Thus real. I like real. This release is a celebration one, many things to celebrate! So I’m giving you a set of non-stop funky “música de la casa” aka house beats, hope you dance to, plus a grand finale!. Featuring: Urulu, Poupon, Alex […]