The memory of the future: smaller, faster, cheaper and less power consuming

Society needs are always evolving. Computing, a field that has less than 50 years, is one of the most fast evolving fields. The society of the future will have to deal with scarcity so resource use/expense efficiency will be key. Computer hardware has been said to be poorly engineered regarding power-comsumption.

A team of IBM researchers are working on building a new kind of memory. Ones that are smaller, faster, cheaper to build, and that use less power. In this Robert Scoble’s interview Stewart Parkin, team leader, describes how they are approaching to such thing. Funny thing, as most science developments are, is that they aren’t actually discovering something new. They are simply using physics rules, well known for years, for their purpose. What we’ll get in the future out of this are less power consuming, smaller, faster and cheaper memories. This opens the door for microdevices, nanotechnology, scientific computing and mass processing.

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