Hello, welcome to my new place for very vivid online publishing.

Since I know you are wondering why I’ve decided to switch, and why oh why to WordPress. Let me tell you the history behind.

For almost 4 years (maybe more -Geocities time- you get it) I had a simple HTML website. There I’ve used since plain HTML to WML (not the WAP one) and things were working fine in chilly Lima. I loved the way WML allowed me to produce cool HTML and that I can control version my source files, so my website is never lost since I could regenerate it from “sources” and yes it allowed me to learn Perl and I felt so nerd and hacky.

At some point life changes, one starts to get involved on different things and some of them take relevace over the others, which is natural. Times reduces (really) for things you loved to waste time with, you switch timezones withouth switching cities, your cats pass away and you happen to have accumulated a significant amount of e-Waste at home. In this constantly evolving world nothing stays quiet.

I’ve always liked to share stories and things with people, even you might find this awkward -if you happen to know me briefly-. I get home for crashing on bed (most of the time),  I move with my laptop and devices, my home-computer-setup feels so lonely that is thinking to evolve itself into a new generation of AI and join one of this grid networks to feel young and sexy. So, I heard the crowd and took action.

I’ve made up my mind and decided that I do want to keep sharing and publishing things, and not only when I really need to (read I’m forced to due relevance). A cluster of robots started a debate in my head about which platform we will be using, but as they are (still) made by humans, they followed their patterns and never managed to get a sane answer. I didn’t want to play the benevolent dictator neither the real dictator so I just got my hands dirty and picked what was handy and ready-to-deploy, so here am I.

I’ve concluded that a tool like this is the right one for this time and it will allow me to post and publish as I want. The other thing that encouraged me to change was the feedback. Although our beloved blosxom does allow them, I don’t have that time to wrestle with webservers, configuration, security and spam!. I decided to outsource it to my hosting provider and the monkeys over there. I’m pretty confident they do a good job on get things working and make my life shiny and happy. So, dear friend now you are encouraged to bring your ideas and feedback here.

I still don’t manage to categorize and configure everything here, but still need and will be learning over time and cups coffee. I welcome ideas, tips, congratulations, gifts, iPods, PowerBooks, Amazon Books, lindens, and other artifacts. I also thank you for taking time to have gone this far.

see you around.