GSoC 2011: Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Building

Hi, been offline for a while and now after my mid-term exams I’m glad to tell that I’ll be working on this year’s GSoC project called: “Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Building”. The main idea for this project is to give Debian developers and downstream developers a set of tools for helping them to leverage the power of a cloud-based infrastructure for their development duties. This is specially targeted to porters, multi-arch and cross-development, So I’ll ask such teams for feedback on the subject over the next days.

People at Eucalyptus has been very helpful and willing to cooperate with us to make this project a success. We expect to get them involved on the packaging and probably as Debian contributors, if not developers, also. Next week is the official coding phase start, but I’ve been talking and working together with my mentor Steffen and the Eucalyptus people already. We’ll be starting working on the qemu ARM images, reusing and resuming the job did by Dominique Belhachemi in the past GSoC.

Of course I welcome as much feedback as you might find useful. I plan to post a project update every two weeks.