GSoC: Status report 01

Hello, this is the official project report for the Debian GSoC admins and everyone. It’s been few days since the official coding phase started. Most of the time I’ve been figuring out the details regarding integration of non-x86 images to the Eucalyptus IaaS and working on the ARM image, as you’ll learn later. I’m also in the process of starting to design the set of tools we’ll be delivering as part of the project.

The project’s goal is to be a useful resource for Debian developers and porters. I’ve joined some porters list in order to learn what are the things they are struggling with and how the project can help to address them. I’ll be starting a wiki page with such topics.

Bonding period:
Bonding period has been more fruitful than I expected. As mentioned in my previous post, Steffen and I got in touch with the Eucalyptus team, since they show their early interest on the project. We are coordinating cooperation between our teams. Besides my mentor and I defined to start working on the ARM image. Coordination went OK. We’ll be having meetings every two weeks.

Project Status:
Resuming Dominique’s work I began working on the ARM image. Aurélien’s work was a great resource. Currently I have a working and updated Debian testing ARM image using the versatile kernel that can be used under qemu-arm. I’m currently making tests and figuring out the next phase which is “cloudify” it. Over this weekend I expect to finish on that side and then began on the design and implementation of the tools that will be the project’s result.

Until now I haven’t faced much issues, but the Eucalyptus part since the docs are targeting x86 and amd_64 archs. However I think I can run qemu-arm on top. I’ll talk to them about the idea.

Future plans:

week 3:

– Finish tests with the ARM image.

– Design the base tool-set, thinking integration with dpkg-buildpackage and qemubuilder.

week 4-8:

– Write the necessary code.

mid-term evaluation.

Other bits:

Latest days have been quite busy for me, since I’m still have to attend class, my semester ends in five weeks. This week was quite overwhelming with “media”, my University published an article (Spanish) about me and the program. I’m the third student of the CS school participating in GSoC, in the past we had Gentoo Project and KDE students. Later, a local Cable TV program interview me on the same matter, it went fine. I managed to talk about Debian and what we do (we get free Advertising yay!) :) also about Google’s Summer of Code program and invited students to participate both in FLOSS projects and the program. Still don’t know if they have put it on air, I think it will be next week.