Dirty hacks

I have a tale.
There’s a software written in Visual Basic 6, happily using PostgreSQL. The staff has to wait at least 7 minutes, *seven minutes*, for a monthly report. Biz can deal with that, but not for long. Biz buys hardware. Like real enterprise hardware.

Software has to deal with money, real money. Like when you pay for something from your pocket.

I check the sources. Programmer was kind to use the production server for their development duties and code management. Great VCS.

I check the sources. They trace back to Microsoft Access files aka reliable databases for most people.

I check the sources. PostgreSQL stores the data in large tables, one with more than one hundred fields. I mean 100 fields (really).

I check the sources. The software does amusing SQL queries such `SELECT * FROM table’, no filters.

I check the sources. Software stores the query result in an Access table.

I check the sources. Software reads and deals happily with Access files then prints a nice report in Crystal Reports after 7 minutes… of course!

PostgreSQL is the one to blame. I check the sources.

ps: Wunderkid is not gone. It will be back.