What Did I learn From My Hairdresser

I’ve been reading Lou Adler’s about the way we can abstract all the job roles in four and how one, in the position of hiring, should recognize them to be able to pick the right strengths for the right job. In particular, one thing that was interesting to me is the fact that we need to communicate with them in different language because each role needs different input. If you manage to do that you can get the desired results. Recognizing myself in the thinker + builder mix I’ve meditated about how I’ve handled different situations. Being one of the latest nice histories what I’m doing with my hairdresser.

Moving to a different city is hard, it involves not only changing strings to your family, friends, loved ones, etc, but also it changes your lifestyle. Every human bean has needs being superficial or just natural, such eating or sleeping. Being the hairdressing such a need, at least if you intend to follow your personal style or just society customs, one has to figure Who is going to do my hair now? So the search has to begin at some point.

For men searching for all the places we use to visit for doing our “stuff” is kind of  hard in this new world crowded of fancy and stylish offerings for women beauty care. After quite some time, say around one year, I landed in such a nice place. Usually, once I feel comfortable with the service I’m a loyal customer and always return. It happens with restaurants, taxi, almost everything. I think we are very predictive in that sense. We don’t want to trade a good service with the glows and lights of new things, no, until we figure it’s better.

This year I wanted to change my hairstyle, every now and then I use to do that. I wanted to achieve a particular hairstyle that involved my hair being more large that what I had at that moment. So I needed to work on that with my hairdresser.  He already know me for a while and knows the “traits” on my hair. The quest began and I explained what I wanted to achieve for this first “initiation”. I didn’t want to push for the whole picture or the final outcome. I explained the goal for the first step.

Every time I went back I’ve explained a bit more of my goal and at some point even showed a picture of the desired result.  One of the sessions we were about to start and he tells me: “So, let’s keep working on the process”. I got the feeling that he’s involved on what I wanted, meaning we are on the same page. He also could see things that I cannot and even told me: “Over the weeks you have managed to get rid of this particular tricky hair, you can be a good hairdresser!” I have this kind of swirls, so I feel flattered.

Meditating about such events in the light of Lou’s article teaches me a lot about how we need people with different skills and strengths and how good is the outcome when all of them can understand what the other wants in order to achieve the goal. It also shows how communication on the particular aspects of the work being done is important. It’s not solely related to transferring information but reaching the mindset of the other person, meaning involving yourself in their way of thinking. Good lesson for founders and business owners. Thanks Ernesto.