The Lima pisco tour

Rumour says that I have a secret pisco tour on hands when people comes here. Indeed I do, but as I want to share I’ll confess it today.

Pisco and love have some interesting ingredients and offer passion, here in Lima we do both. Over the years there has been a tradition for pisco. Such and ancient drink also carries interesting things.

When people comes to my city I take them to the unforgettable Lima pisco tour. It begins heading to the downtowm when first we hit the former most well known and famous Hotel Bolivar which hosted in the past people like Mick Jagger and some well known writers. There’s a nice pisco sour bar where you get the first impression of what we are talking about, this is really important.

After that we head to one of the oldest bar in town: The Queirolo Bar on the Quilca street. Besides having nice pisco shots, this place also has the fame of hosting important people some of them such David Byrne who people recalls on his pro-free software ideas, past and current peruvian presidents and some others. My personal experience is hiting the bar with friends and meeting a well known peruvian congressman (of free software fame) and having the following chat:

me: Hello doctor, how are you doing? (People calls doctor to lawyers -and almost anyone with ties- here)

him: fine, thanks

me: what are you doing here?

him: having a couple of drinks son

me: great, so cheers

There you can meet the diversity of this city, and also sniff the political thermometer of this town. The street when the bar is located is well known for it’s political meetings, most of them from the left partidarians. People sometimes fights inside the bar but as there’s security you must be alert but not scared. You are encouraged to have a sandwich or two.

After that downtown tour and a couple of pisco sours and shots you might need to have some more fun, so now we head Barranco and hit the Juanito’s bar, one of the oldest and old fashioned bars in this part of the city. There artists, writers, musicians and people love to meet and have some beers. You’ll surely find this pretty familiar with the Queirolo’s spirit but people being too drunk. There you can have a nice chat with friends and, if not vegetarian, taste the well known butifarra and some other sandwiches.

If you feel like dancing at this point of the night we should head Bar La Noche where we might watch a live rock concert and dance. Then we could hit the Sargento Pimienta Bar with classic rock and 90’s hits or if you are like me and are more confortable with the indie spirit we can hit the Oso bar to finish the tour.

Since this is a confession I must admit that I’m currently having a pisco shot while thinking of the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life and the times when we did the tour and some other moments when she was in this town.