What have we done?

Couple of weeks ago I was in the situation of having to setup up a new laptop. I decided to go with wheezy’s DVD installer. So far so good. I didn’t expect (somewhere in the lies-I-tell-myself dept.) to have GNOME as the default Debian desktop. However after install I’ve figured it was the new GNOME3 […]

New GPG Key 65F80A4D

Update: I no longer use this key. Instead I’ve transitioned to a new key: D562EBBE. A bit late but I’ve created a new 4096 RSA GPG key. I’ve published a transition document as well. I hope I can meet fellow Debian developers soon to get my new key signed. So,  if you are in town […]


Past Saturday April 28 I attended to the FLISOL 2012 Puno hosted at the “Casa de la Cultura” in downtown Puno. It was a great experience to deliver a talk after a while, the second speech since I enrolled into the UCSP’s Computer and Engineering Faculty to get my Computer Science BS degree. Puno is […]


Hello, this is just a quick post to announce some good news. Back in 2004 we’ve formed a local Debian group in Peru. We were active and spread the word country-wide. There were good times. As time passed and interests changed things slowed down. Past two weeks we are rebooting it. We’ll be working with […]

Compute clusters for Debian development and building – final report

Compute clusters for Debian development and building – final report Summary ——- The goal of this project was intended to have Eucalyptus cloud to support ARM images so it allows Debian developers and users to be able to use such facility for taks such package building, software development (ie. Android) under a Debian pre-set image, […]

Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Building – Report 4

Hello, this is the fourth report for the project. First, I’d like to apologize for being late, I took a short trip over the weekend and missed the deadline. This time I’ve good news for my project. As expected I’ve made the necesary changes to have Eucalyptus support ARM images. The approach was extending and […]