Puppet weird SSL error: SSL_read:: pkcs1 padding too short

While setting a puppet agent to talk to my puppetmaster I’ve got this weird SSL error: Error: SSL_read:: pkcs1 padding too short Debugging both on the agent and master sides didn’t offered much information. On the master: puppet master –no-daemonize –debug On the agent: puppet agent –test –debug Although I had my master using 3.0.1 […]

Function testing using function pointers in C++

I do like the way programmers think in terms of DRY, for instance, among other forms of optimization. A couple of days ago I wanted to test different implementations of the same algorithm in C++. The usual approach would be to implement those algorithms, call them in main() and see the results. A more interesting […]

svn changelist tutorial

It is not unusual that I’ve come upon the situation where I’m working over a local Subversion working copy and I wanted to commit bits of what I’ve already baked and ready to go. Odds are that there’s just one file not belonging to such changeset but usually it involves many files scattered around. This […]


Past Saturday April 28 I attended to the FLISOL 2012 Puno hosted at the “Casa de la Cultura” in downtown Puno. It was a great experience to deliver a talk after a while, the second speech since I enrolled into the UCSP’s Computer and Engineering Faculty to get my Computer Science BS degree. Puno is […]


Hello, this is just a quick post to announce some good news. Back in 2004 we’ve formed a local Debian group in Peru. We were active and spread the word country-wide. There were good times. As time passed and interests changed things slowed down. Past two weeks we are rebooting it. We’ll be working with […]