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If you don't know what Debian is, you should ask yourself what are you doing with your life. Anyway, I encourage you to read it's .


I've been contributing actively to The Debian Project since 2002. Between 2006 - 2008 I've reduced my involvement but now I'm back! Since May 19, 2006 I'm officially a Debian Developer. Meaning that I've successfully passed the New Maintainer Process.

You can have a glimpse of what I'm in charge regarding packaging .

Debconf4: I was part of the orga team for which was held in Porto Alegre - Brazil from May 26 to June 6, 2004.

Activism: Being the first and unique, to date, Debian Developer in Peru, I've been pretty active in spreading the World Domination word over my country ;)

In the past I've contributed to:

  • Localization (l10n)
    Transation for manpages, debconf dialog files (debconf-po), program translation and manuals.
  • Debian Weekly News Spanish translation Since February 2004 I was the lead coordinator for the weekly issues. You are very welcome to contribute to the team. .
  • (es) Documentación relacionada a traducciones: He escrito un pequeño cómo sobre el proceso de traducción de las DWN. Lo pueden mirar aquí.

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